Get the right balance of fraud coverage without losing legitimate customers and sales

Verifi’s Intelligence® Suite and "fraud hub" is a turn-key risk management platform that allows you easily customize the most appropriate services to protect your business, gain greater customer insights and seamlessly keep pace with emerging fraud threats.

Our Smart Solution = Payments Intelligence + Customer Intelligence + Mobile Intelligence + Device/IP Intelligence

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payment risk management with Verifi
Comprehensive, omni-channel coverage for all points of vulnerability and interaction

Stop losses from bad actors - quickly and accurately uncover fraud by identifying and blocking risky devices (e-commerce, mobile, etc.) –BEFORE they have a chance to use stolen payment card or ID credentials.

Get added consumer insights – Consumer authentication and intelligence enables you to gain insights into your customers’ identities, interests and behavior patterns quickly and seamlessly. Boost conversions while minimizing the need for manual data entry.

Pinpoint purchase behavior originating from risky areas or uncommon to customer – Non "spoofable", Geolocation technology allows you to pinpoint the origination of the purchaser’s location and creates red flags without interfering with the customer's user experience.

Help maintain regulatory compliance and lower liability

fraud technology with Verifi
One point of integration – get started quickly and stay ahead of fraudsters without wasting money on re-integrations or getting tangled in a web of mismatched solutions.
Verifi fraud technology
The freedom to choose from leading class solutions- decide and test which technologies are the best fit to layer and balance for your business.
Verifi Intelligence Suite fraud prevention technology
Proprietary Rules Engine and Multi Variable Reporting – set up and change an unlimited number of rules to get deep customer insights in real time and the ability to fine-tune and customize your fraud protection with over 500 unique data points.
Verifi fraud protection
Speed and agility to lower costs– reduce manual review and authenticate customers so you are able to complete more good transactions in less time.
Maximize results with our team of experts –our "smart solution" comes with a team of specialists to ensure that you get maximum results tailored for your needs.

Your partner in comprehensive and layered end-to-end fraud protection and payment risk management

Verifi provides a comprehensive fraud management platform with best-of-breed tools that merchants can layer, test and adapt to the dynamic CNP marketplace.

Verifi fraud protection

Boost protection and sales

Combine with our award-winning Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN) to stop chargebacks without sacrificing good sales and customers at point of sale.