Global Payment Gateway

Global PaymentVerifi’s Global Payment Gateway provides secure real-time and batch, credit card, ACH and eCheck payment processing for card-not-present (CNP) merchants. To support your business needs, our PCI Level 1 certified payment gateway features flexible user management and controls, an easy-to-use virtual terminal, robust transaction routing capabilities, multi-currency support for international processing, a recurring billing engine and customizable reporting.

One platform with one global payment connection

Verifi’s PCI Level 1 certified Global Payment Gateway enables connectivity to all of the major domestic and international acquirer processing networks, enabling global payment acceptance across all major international and domestic payment types and currencies.

Menu of Solutions:

Supported Networks

Our strong support for all major domestic and international processing networks empowers you to ensure uptime and protect revenue while minimizing processing costs through intelligent and flexible transaction routing.

Dynamic Transaction Routing

Eliminate the need for multiple user names and interfaces when managing transaction processing.  Dynamic Transaction Routing allows merchants the ability to consolidate and manage all transaction processing across multiple merchant accounts or divisions through a single user account and interface to get visibility across all product lines and business units.


Manage all of your domestic and international business accepting payment across multiple international currencies.

Billing Management

Fully integrated with Verifi’s Payment Gateway, simplifying and securing billing so that all recurring, subscription and installment payments are managed through Verifi’s hosted, PCI Level 1 compliant data center.

Enterprise Reporting

Combines purchase transaction, marketing, fulfillment, consumer and chronological data providing a unified view and a unique and powerful asset to monitor and reduce risk while continuously uncovering ways to optimize profitability.


Relieves the merchant from ongoing handling of sensitive cardholder data by taking a customer’s credit card and personal information, safely storing it and returning a “token” back to the merchant.

Secure Payment Solutions

Merchants want to limit their PCI scope by not handling any credit card information.  With Secure Payment Solutions, integration enables the merchant to have control over the e-commerce checkout look and feel while enabling Verifi to securely handle sensitive payment information without redirecting the customer.

Data Analytics

Our team of industry-expert analysts work in conjunction with your dedicated Relationship Manager to maintain line-of-sight into recent changes to business priorities and develop custom strategies to address the shifting economics of the business or to prepare for upcoming events.

  • Authorization Performance Analysis

Predictive modeling provides insight into the long-term value of customers and our team designs high decline rule strategies to improve authorization ratios profitability.

  • Risk Assessment Analysis

Completion of an overall evaluation of fraud, chargeback, refund, and decline risk assessment assists in understanding the high risk components of the business.

  • Overall Profitability Analysis

Evaluation of all transaction volume leads to the creation of a logical segmentation of the entire business which are then ranked by profitability; solutions may be crafted to address low or unprofitable segments while marketing dollars can be more effectively spent on highly profitable channels.

  • Chargeback, Fraud & Refund Forecasting

Predictive forecasting of chargeback, fraud and refund activity allows for appropriate preparations and adjustments to minimize forecasted levels.

  • Custom Analysis

Every business is different, therefore we custom tailor our analysis to evaluate and support your specific business operations.

Transaction processing integration options

Verifi supports two methods of transaction processing: real-time (API) and batch submission.

Verifi’s real-time API transaction processing offers merchants real-time authorization results which are ideal for high and low volume call center and electronic commerce operations that require a real-time response. The API integration method offers the highest level of secure transaction infrastructure available— Secure Socket Layer (SSL) digital certificate technology. SSL technology is used to establish a secure connection to safeguard payment data in transit to our Payment Gateway.

Verifi’s batch submission method offers the same level of encrypted security as the API, but caters to merchants who need to submit large volumes of transactions in bulk which do not require a real time response for processing. Batch uploads are typically utilized to process recurring charges for subscription customers or to capture funds from previously authorized transactions once an order has been shipped. Either through delivery to our SFTP or via upload through our secure web interface, batch files may be delivered to Verifi through whichever method is most convenient for the user.

Virtual payment management is accessible from any computer or location

Verifi’s Virtual Terminal allows a user to manually authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer or device with Internet access. Merchants operating multiple branches or locations are able to control access and permissions on a per user and per location basis.

The virtual management terminal supports an unlimited number of users and user configurations. This level of flexibility allows each individual users access to be customized with specific permission controls to restrict the user to viewing and processing explicit payment and transaction types. For instance, a merchant may want to control the permissions of call center staff members to only allow for the processing of sales but not refund transactions; alternatively, a business operating multiple branches may need to restrict transaction processing capabilities for each individual branch to the merchant account specific to the individual branch. Either of these situations are easily managed through the intuitive platform.

Settlement scheduling

Verifi’s system allows for complete processing settlement scheduling enabling merchants to determine and set their transaction submissions and cut-off times. This control allows merchants the ability to manage account funding.

Custom tailored billing descriptors

Verifi offers dynamic descriptors or the ability to place custom, descriptive text on customer’s credit card billing statement. Our dynamic descriptors are completely flexible so you can place a unique statement relating to a particular product, service or membership, such as a specific customer service 800 number on each transaction processed.