Customer contacts issuer with a transaction dispute
Issuer directs the dispute case to the merchant for review for resolution
Merchant can provide a refund, stop product shipment, cancel recurring payment, or accept a chargeback


Unmatched Chargeback Protection

CDRN connects merchants with top issuing banks on our closed-loop, global network, delivering notifications on confirmed disputes in near real-time to quickly resolve disputes with a refund and prevent a chargeback.
VISA MERCHANT PURCHASE INQUIRY Extend Chargeback Elimination on a Global Scale
  • No additional integration required
  • Access Visa fraud and dispute data across all acquirer relationships
  • Seamlessly enabled through CDRN


The CDRN Difference


Timely Updates

  • Review dispute and determine best course of action
  • Profile and vet fraudulent customers

Prompt Feedback

  • Issuer delivers only confirmed dispute cases
  • Review dispute and case history up to 72 hours

Profit Protection

  • Avoid costly fees, fines, and penalties
  • Prevent possible loss of processing privileges

Set-up Options



  • Verifi Global Payment Gateway
  • Activity Export to process transactions and manage CDRN cases


  • File Importer
  • Activity Export to process transactions and manage cases

Web Portal


  • Manage cases through web portal
  • NO integration required


  • Direct access to merchant CRM
  • NO integration required

Voted Best Chargeback Management Service Six Years Straight

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