0.00% is probably not your best chargeback ratio

Many merchants rush to overprotect their payments process, turning away good sales in the process. Overprotecting payments can cost more money in lost revenue than the fraud it intended to prevent. When implementing new layers of security, it is imperative that merchants understand the fine line between TOO MUCH and NOT ENOUGH security. Merchants should consider their existing chargeback data and partner with a third party that is agile enough to optimize their chargebacks levels now and as they grow.
Like Goldilocks, we’re big fans of finding a “just right” chargeback protection solution that balances up-front fraud protection with chargeback prevention and recover.
Download our recent white paper “Just Right -3 Primary Things Merchants Can Learn About Fraud Prevention From Goldilocks,” and learn why 0.00% is probably not your best chargeback ratio.