E-commerce Predictions for 2015 | Maximize Profits and Minimize Risk

What are the e-commerce predictions for 2015 and how can I be best prepared to maximize profits and minimize risk?

2015 is here and it’s no surprise to retailers that mobile is the next hot thing in e-commerce. E-commerce – and m-commerce in particular – are slated to continue their steep growth. While this is great news for retailers, it also means there will be increased risk of fraud and cybercrime via these channels. Merchants should be prudent as they plan their omni-channel strategy for the year and ensure that they employ a comprehensive, agile fraud and risk prevention strategy that can stay one step ahead of criminals.
The New Year is upon us and the experts have forecasted the trends for the coming year in commerce. Big surprise (not!) – mobile is taking off and retailers should pay attention if they want to remain competitive. According to Gartner, there are some major things to keep an eye on in the years ahead:

  • Mobile digital assistants will be exclusively performing over $2 billion in online shopping
  • Mobile commerce revenue will soar to 50 percent of the U.S. digital commerce revenue by 2017, thanks to mobile engagement
  • Traditional product and service advantages are no longer as relevant and customer experience has been deemed the new “competitive battlefield”

Additionally, m-commerce sales are predicted to jump 45.9% to $298 billion in 2015(from $204 billion in 2014), according to Goldman Sachs. By 2016, they will increase 39.1% to $415 billion. Retailers – take note – and keep in mind the shift toward mobile when planning omni-channel strategy this year.