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Banks make chargebacks easier to initiate

To dispute a charge, often all it takes is the click of a button on the card issuer’s website or app
By Karen Haywood Queen  |  Published: September 26, 2017
Getting a charge reversed on your credit card – called a chargeback – keeps getting easier. Now you can dispute a charge with the click of a button – online or via the card issuer’s app.
That makes the process a lot simpler for consumers and card issuers, but it’s not a welcome change for retailers, who increasingly are footing the bill.
Eight of 11 card issuers spoke with now allow consumers to dispute a charge online (see table). Four out of 11 also let cardholders dispute a charge via their mobile apps. Other issuers revealed they are looking into adding a button online or on the issuer’s app to initiate a chargeback.
“Originally, chargebacks could only be initiated through snail mail,” says Matthew Katz, CEO and chairman and founder of Verifi, a company that helps clients reduce fraud and chargebacks. “Then we started to allow chargebacks over the telephone. Then in 2010, you could start a chargeback through some card issuer websites,” he says.
“The next evolution is mobile apps. No matter where you are, you can initiate a chargeback using your cellphone,” he says. “That’s having a very dramatic effect.”
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