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Verifi’s Chris Marchand and Lisa Tennant Set to Speak at DRF 2015 – Chargeback Solutions

Will Discuss Chargeback Solutions at Industry-Leading Conference
LOS ANGELES, CA–(July 14, 2015) – Verifi, Inc., the leading provider of payment and risk management solutions for card-not-present merchants, announced that Chris Marchand, Vice President of Business Development and Lisa Tennant, Vice President of Business Operations, will speak at DRF 2015 in Minneapolis from August 3 to 5.
In 2013, merchants incurred more costs, with each dollar of fraud costing them $3.08, compared to $2.79 the year before [1]  To help DRF 2015 attendees understand how to combat fraud so it doesn’t negatively impact their bottom lines, Marchand will be part of a panel discussing the topic “Managing the Growing Chargeback Problem Before it Manages You”. During the session, attendees will learn about the tools available that facilitate better merchant and Issuer collaboration, help them more efficiently and effectively lower fraud and non fraud chargebacks, and strike the balance between retaining customers and fostering healthier bottom lines.
Additional members of this panel include well known merchants who will share their past experiences, the lessons they learned throughout the fraud prevention process and benefits they’ve seen since implementing comprehensive payment risk management tools.
“Chargebacks cost merchants billions of dollars every year, much of which can be prevented or at least disputed in the case of unwarranted chargebacks that do occur. We hope to educate DRF attendees about some of the tools they can use to improve their own internal total chargeback management system or find a way to augment what they’re doing in-house to positively impact revenues,” said Marchand.
No chargeback is the same. There are always different circumstances surrounding each and every chargeback, and navigating those nuances can significantly impact a company’s results and bottom lines. Tennant will be part of a panel discussing the topic “Mastering Chargeback Responses and Representments,” aimed at giving attendees insight and meaning behind those complex reason codes as well as tips on how to create a successful chargeback representment strategy.
The panel will be moderated by Joan Radtke, Senior Director of Credit at EVINE Live. Additionally, Michael Mallon, Director Global Product Management for Accertify and Tammy Inman, ‎Vice President, Operations for RMS, an iQor Company.
“Knowledge is key to combating chargebacks and I look forward to speaking with DRF attendees on how to effectively assess their risk management options. We hope attendees will take away useful tips and best practices on how they can apply and supplement their own risk mitigation efforts,” said Tennant.
Chris Marchand joined Verifi in 2012 and is recognized as an established payments industry expert. Marchand worked with the world’s most recognizable brands to mitigate CNP risk, recover revenue, reduce churn and retain customers. He has advised merchants on a diverse array of payment improvement options, including payment operations, card brand payment regulations and overcoming PCI compliance challenges. In addition to his strategic business development and partnership responsibilities, Marchand regularly speaks at payment industry conferences and educates thousands of merchants on payment fraud and risk mitigation, dispute and billing management and customer retention strategies.
Lisa Tennant has a well-respected reputation in the payments industry, with more than 20 years of experience in risk management, payments operations, eCommerce and strategic client management, Tennant counseled some of the most established brands on strategies for evaluating chargeback operations, mitigating fraud and driving client satisfaction. Throughout her career, she’s significantly increased company revenues through successful penetration of value added services within the client base achieving above 98 percent client retention rates. Tennant speaks at payment industry conferences to ensure merchants have a chargeback representment strategy that fits their business’ unique risk needs.
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About Verifi:
Since its inception nearly 10 years ago, Verifi is recognized as an award-winning provider of end-to-end payment protection and management solutionsto help merchants effectively manage the payments challenges they face every day. Verifi helps merchants safely process payments,  combat fraud, prevent and resolve costly chargebacks, as well as increase billings and keep loyal customers. Its Total Chargeback Management System includes the patented Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) to stop chargebacks before they happen and the Chargeback Representment and Revenue Recovery Service (CBR) to represent and dispute fraudulent chargebacks and recover profits which would otherwise have been lost. Combined as an end-to-end system, these solutions significantly reduce risk for merchants by stopping up to 40 percent of chargebacks, while lowering operating expenses and improving profitability with win rates nearly two times the industry average.
The company’s best-in-breed solutions and white glove support are trusted by a wide range of industries from emerging companies to the Fortune 500. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company processes more than $20 billion transactions annually and currently serve more than 8,900 accounts globally. For more information, visit:

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