Since combining forces, Visa and Verifi teams have been working together to blend technologies to provide our clients with optimal dispute management solutions. Through that effort, Visa Merchant Purchase Inquiry (VMPI) is now Order Insight.
Order Insight is directly integrated in Visa’s issuer dispute management platform, Visa Resolve Online (VROL) for participating sellers. When issuer staff access VROL at the point of customer inquiry, Order Insight facilitates connecting the issuer to the seller to view transaction data, enabling them to quickly validate or dispute information with the consumer at the pre-dispute stage.
Visa Mandate
All Visa issuers have access to Order Insight through VROL, in addition to non-Visa branded issuers integrated directly with Verifi. As part of the rescheduled Business Enhancement Release (BER) in July, all Visa issuers will be mandated to review Order Insight transaction data through VROL as part of the initial customer inquiry. This mandate will reduce disputes and improve the overall customer experience for both sellers and issuers.
To learn more about how Order Insight helps prevent disputes and provide an improved customer experience, click here – or contact your Relationship Manager or Verifi Customer Support team for more information on our simple integration options.