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As a Verifi Referral Partner, you can help your clients solve their challenges while generating an additional source of low-risk revenue.

Benefits of Becoming a Referral Partner

Referring clients to Verifi’s Total Dispute Management solutions is easy to do and can provide you with a reliable channel of significant, recurring income while you focus on core business growth.

What Products Can I Refer?



Provides issuers and customers with transaction details from sellers via a global data-sharing network to prevent disputes at first inquiry.


Order Insight® >



Resolves fraud and non-fraud at the pre-dispute stage to reduce resource drain and avoid high-risk monitoring programs.


RDR and CDRN® >



Dedicated team of specialists helps maximize dispute representment wins and empowers sellers to recover revenue otherwise lost to disputes.


Representment >



Sellers can leverage direct delivery of fraud and dispute notifications (TC40) to improve fraud analytics, detection, and payment risk.


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