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Verifi’s RESOLVE Solution Features RDR – Rapid Dispute Resolution

Sellers can now resolve fraud and non-fraud disputes with automated decisioning – helping to reduce resource drain and avoid high-risk programs.

Hands-off dispute resolution with immediate credit
GLOBAL COVERAGE Expanded global Verifi and Visa issuer coverage
Avoid high-risk programs – does not count against dispute ratio
Coverage on all major card brands
Improve overall customer experience

Frequently Asked Questions

RDR is the next generation capability for sellers and resellers to automatically and seamlessly provide a credit, as applied by the acquirer, to resolve a dispute before escalating to a chargeback. RDR is a rules-based decisioning engine that will decision a dispute case as defined by the seller’s preset rules. In the initial phase, RDR will only be available to Visa dispute cases through Visa Resolve Online (VROL).

RDR Visa disputes are automatically resolved through a robust decision engine by seller-defined rules. RDR functions directly within the Visa Resolve Online (VROL) platform that all Visa issuers access. CDRN disputes, directed from participating issuers across all major card brands, rely on seller-initiated resolution within a 72-hour window.

No, the service is not mandatory for issuers. Visa and Verifi will review the service on an ongoing basis and update participating sellers of any possible changes.

There is no change in the pricing structure of established CDRN service agreements. Current CDRN customers interested in RDR can contact a Verifi representative for details on current pricing structure.

Current rule elements that sellers can define:

  • Issuer BIN
  • Transaction Date
  • Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Currency Code
  • Purchase Identifier: Unique order identifier assigned to every transaction a seller submits. Transmitted to the issuer by the acquirer to identify the customer order for automated resolution.
  • Dispute Category: Visa-defined dispute category codes (e.g., 10.X Fraud, 11.X Authorization, 12.X Processing Errors, 13.X Consumer Disputes)
  • Dispute Condition Code: Visa-defined dispute condition codes (e.g., 10.4 – Other Fraud-Card-Absent environment, 13.3 – Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services)

An individual rule can include up to seven (7) parameters. Contact a Verifi representative today to learn more about customizing rule selection to help protect your business.


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