Verifi’s Total Dispute Management Suite

Get end-to-end protection from fraud, disputes and chargebacks, and improve customer experience

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Dispute Prevention

Order Insight®
Prevent disputes and friendly fraud by sharing enhanced transaction information with issuers and customers on our collaboration network



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Dispute Resolution

Quickly resolve fraud and non-fraud confirmed disputes with a seller-directed refund or cancellation or automated resolution, to avoid present and future chargebacks


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Dispute Representment

Managed Services
Our expert team handles all aspects of dispute representment to maximize your wins and recover revenue lost to chargebacks



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The Key Is Collaboration
Verifi stands above the crowd as an innovative and reliable partner, dedicated to creating simple solutions that deliver value for today’s sellers, issuers, and acquirers. We work hand-in-hand with our partners to provide solutions that are scalable to your business needs.

Partner with the Leader
Verifi’s philosophy is founded in creating long-term relationships with our partners, so we can respond to the specific needs that best serve the success of your business.

Achieve More Together
Navigating the complex world of payments with an expert, trusted partner is essential on your path of success. We are committed to working side-by-side with our partners, developing technologies to support growth throughout your journey.

Global Solutions




Protect your payments and
increase profits


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Reduce disputes and improve
customer experience


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Protect merchant portfolio and
increase revenue


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Featured Resources

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The Chargeback Triangle

Commissioned by Verifi, this groundbreaking research study provides a detailed view of the $31 billion chargeback process that impacts consumers, merchants, and issuers


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Complete Chargeback Management Guide

Verifi’s guide provides relevant insights on today’s payments and chargeback risks with clear explanations on how to address disputes to yield immediate profit improvements.


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