What are authorization codes?

During a credit card transaction, the issuing bank’s system generates and sends a code that either approves (authorizes) or declines a sale. This code, generally consisting of five or six numbers, is used by merchants to verify that the sale was approved.*   *https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/merchants/get-support/merchant-learning-center/glossary.html

How does a chargeback get reported?

The process begins when a cardholder calls his or her credit card company and disputes a charge. The issuer will conduct an investigation of the dispute, and if the evidence supports the cardholder’s claim, the issuer will take steps to officially file a chargeback and withdraw the funds obtained by the merchant through the transaction […]

What is a retrieval and how do I find it?

An issuing bank will ask for a retrieval (or request for copy) from a merchant after a cardholder contacts the bank to dispute a charge. Retrieval requests can be made by issuing banks up to 18 months after the transaction. Upon being notified of the request, merchants must provide all relevant records of the sale, […]

How to Dispute a Chargeback?

It really is a sign of the times that we get asked how to dispute a chargeback on an almost daily basis. You’re not alone in wanting to know how you can protect your business and dispute chargebacks that you believe are invalid and likely out-and-out fraud. Sadly, in this digital age, it has become […]

How do billing and shipping mismatches cause chargebacks?

Merchants generally should be on alert whenever a buyer’s billing and shipping addresses don’t match. There are legitimate reasons for differing addresses (buyer is sending a gift, buyer has two residences, etc.), but non-matching addresses also could be an attempt at cyber shoplifting. This can create the issuance of chargebacks if the genuine cardholder never […]

Why did I receive a chargeback?

Merchants receive a chargeback when a cardholder disputes a charge. These chargebacks can be fraud or non-fraud based. When a cardholder disputes a charge, he or she is claiming that they did not make the purchase, that they did not receive the purchase or that they are not satisfied with the purchase. In some cases, […]