Visa Chargeback Monitor Program Enforcement and Chargeback Fee Assessment

As of January 2016, Visa changed their chargeback monitoring programs. Prior to January 2016, Visa had two distinct programs for merchants who have a high number of chargebacks: S. Merchant Chargeback Monitoring Program: U.S. merchants who were experiencing more than 100 chargebacks a month and a chargeback ratio over 1% were automatically enrolled. Merchants did […]

How is the required Visa chargeback threshold ratio calculated?

Visa divides the total number of chargebacks in the current month by the number of transactions in the same month.* Example: 100 (June chargebacks) / 5,000 (June sales transactions) = 0.02 or 2%.   *

How does the Visa Chargeback Monitoring Program work?

The Visa Chargeback Monitoring Program is designed to support merchants in managing better business. As such, Visa expects all of its merchants to be fully up-to-date with its chargeback guidelines and regulations. Before we get into the details of the Visa Chargeback Monitoring Program, we suggest you download the Chargeback Management Guidelines for Visa Merchants. […]

What should I know about Visa’s recent compelling evidence process?

To provide a successful chargeback representment case, Visa and other credit card companies allow (indeed, they urge) merchants to provide compelling evidence to support their case. The details on the allowed compelling evidence are included with the reason code description and details. Remember that each credit card company has its own distinct list of reason […]