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How to Dispute a Chargeback?

It really is a sign of the times that we get asked how to dispute a chargeback on an almost daily basis. You’re not alone in wanting to know how you can protect your business and dispute chargebacks that you believe are invalid and likely out-and-out fraud. Sadly, in this digital age, it has become easier for people to commit chargeback fraud, particularly since savvy fraudsters are well-versed in how confusing and arduous the chargeback representment process is for merchants and issuers.

Chargeback representment, or disputing a chargeback, can be very complicated and stressful, but there’s no reason it can’t be straightforward and stress-free. It all comes down to the tools and solutions you have in place working for you.

But before we dig into solutions and ways to prevent chargebacks from happening in the first place (yes, this is 100% possible), let’s look at how you can have a successful chargeback representment experience.

The key to successfully disputing a chargeback hinges on speed. Time is of the essence: the longer you wait to collect your evidence and build your representment case, the worse it is going to be for you. Everyone in the process wants the chargeback dispute wrapped up as quickly as possible, so you can’t take too much time to gather your evidence. You need to have it available and ready to present.

Keys to disputing a chargeback

When it comes to disputing a chargeback, we want you to remember these key factors to your successful chargeback representment:

  • Know the chargeback process: This is more than reading a blog post about chargebacks. We want you to know how the process really works, and how involved it really is. Yes, you can contact us and we’ll help you understand the chargeback dispute process.
  • Evidence: You must be able to provide your evidence quickly, but this hinges on having the required evidence. You need records of every transaction, conversation, email, etc., with the customer who is filing the chargeback.
  • Know the reason codes: When you receive the chargeback, there will be a reason code associated with it. This reason code is key in identifying why the chargeback was filed. Remember, every credit card company has their own list of reason codes.
  • The chargeback rebuttal letter: To dispute a chargeback, you must respond with a chargeback rebuttal letter. (We could write an entire article just about the chargeback rebuttal letter… We suggest that if you do have questions contact us for our expert advice.)
  • Get busy: Remember, the longer you wait to respond to your chargeback dispute, the more likely you won’t succeed.

Now, you’re likely asking yourself how you can possibly dispute chargebacks successfully while running your business. Again, you’re not alone. This is why we’re here to take the worry and stress out of disputing a chargeback.

The right solutions for chargeback dispute success

Earlier, we mentioned how the chargeback representment process can be a smooth and stress-free experience when you’re taking advantage of the right tools and solutions. We’ve written about how to best select a chargeback representment partner, and we truly believe that having a proven and knowledgeable partner is one of the vital keys to your success.

When it comes to tools and solutions, learn how our Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network and Order Insight programs can help you to successfully dispute chargebacks and even prevent them from happening in the first place. We also want you to do some additional reading and learn more about the chargeback dispute process.

Browse our Knowledge Base and other online Resources to learn more about the chargeback dispute process, managing chargebacks, merchant solutions, and the common mistakes that merchants need to avoid. Knowledge is power, and this is what you need when disputing chargebacks and protecting your business.

When you have the right knowledge, the right partner, and the right tools, you’ll soon realize that you’re no longer asking how to dispute a chargeback. Rather, you’ll have confidence in knowing that your chargeback representment is going to be successful.

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