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  • The Dispute Landscape – Past, Present & Future (Part 2)

    The Dispute Landscape – Past, Present & Future (Part 2)

    Total Dispute Management and Pre-Disputes In October 2019, Visa acquired Verifi. Since day one, the companies have been exploring ways to prevent or resolve disputes quickly. Since then, we have made tremendous strides integrating our solutions with Visa’s infrastructure and have co-developed a revolutionary product, Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) – the first fully automated dispute […]

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  • The Dispute Landscape – Past, Present & Future (Part 1)

    The Dispute Landscape – Past, Present & Future (Part 1)

    When I founded Verifi in 2005, the term “FinTech” was just gaining traction. And suddenly the SaaS transaction dispute solution I was working on had a category. Our first launch in dispute management was Managed Dispute Representment. By 2017, we had worked our way up the dispute cycle to resolve and prevent pre-disputes before a […]

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  • Rapid Dispute Resolution Is Here

    Rapid Dispute Resolution Is Here

    Remote Purchasing and Automation The rapid growth of e-commerce has brought on technology that provides greater purchase transparency for customers. After all, the customer is the king – they have the right to know what’s happening in their accounts. Now, up to 73% of customers engage with their issuer’s mobile app or website at least […]

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  • Removing Human Error in Stopping Chargebacks

    Removing Human Error in Stopping Chargebacks

    So much of life is routine. On most days, many of us wake up at a set time to go to a job; we work a planned schedule; we commute a predetermined route both ways. On top of that, we program our morning coffee to brew at a certain time, set thermostats to turn on […]

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  • More Collaboration, Fewer Disputes

    More Collaboration, Fewer Disputes

    Lack of communication and transparency in information can result in bad decisions and negative outcomes – particularly when it comes to transaction disputes. Consider the following scenario: A customer makes a credit card purchase with a seller, but the customer doesn’t recognize or remember that transaction later while reviewing their bank statement. The customer suspects […]

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  • Say “No” to Chargebacks with Pre-Dispute Solutions

    Say “No” to Chargebacks with Pre-Dispute Solutions

    Dispute representment, the process of responding to chargebacks to recover revenue, places significant demand on sellers’ internal resources. The process can be time-consuming and costly, where directing expenses on staff, information gathering, and communications with multiple parties would be better directed toward product and service development to grow a greater customer base. Fortunately, Verifi’s pre-dispute […]

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  • Your Transaction, Your Customer

    Your Transaction, Your Customer

    The customer experience does not end with the sale Your business provides an excellent frontend customer experience, with intuitive shoppability for locating items, colors, sizes – whatever the customer needs to make their selection and seamlessly move through a smooth, secure checkout. Just as important, however, is the post-transaction experience you deliver. This potentially is […]

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  • Solve the Problem Before It Happens

    Solve the Problem Before It Happens

    Pre-Dispute Solutions The advent of e-commerce sparked a radical change in consumer purchasing. Distance buying by phone or mail order meant weeks or months of delivery time, but now one-click buying means only an hour or a few days of delivery time. Genius! Savvy e-commerce sellers have come to count on great technologies to better […]

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  • Maintaining a Positive Customer Experience During Disputes

    Customer Experience Is Customer Retention A positive customer experience should be a goal for every transaction and interaction, especially when it comes to disputes. Every dispute is an opportunity to retain a loyal customer or create a new one. Sellers can capitalize on that opportunity by providing a fair and speedy dispute resolution. Doing so […]

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