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  • How to Unlock the Chargeback Solution

    How to Unlock the Chargeback Solution

    The merchant-customer relationship appears simple in theory. Provide your best service and products, and invite them to come back for more. However, even the simplest of relationships can become complex and fraught with confusion, often materializing as friendly fraud, disputes, and chargebacks, resulting in loss of customers and future business. Add the issuer into the […]

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  • Transaction Disputes and the Issuing Bank Connection

    Transaction Disputes and the Issuing Bank Connection

    When assessing the damages that result from transaction disputes, the focus typically is on merchants. After all, in 2017, they absorbed $19 billion in chargeback costs. However, issuers have been similarly affected, having shouldered $12 billion of the burden. Issuers face a losing battle balancing the demands placed on them by federal regulators, credit card […]

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  • The Key to Chargeback Collaboration

    The Key to Chargeback Collaboration

    The payments ecosystem has evolved significantly over recent years. The rise in m-commerce, in-app purchases, same-day delivery, and subscription options has created an impersonal and disconnected relationship between consumers and merchants. This has had a two-fold impact on disputed transactions: consumers often don’t know who to contact when they have transaction disputes or inquiries, and […]

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  • What Merchants Have, Issuers Need

    What Merchants Have, Issuers Need

    No one wants to deal with a chargeback or the stress of trying to determine if a dispute is valid or another instance of friendly fraud. So, why do so many merchants and issuers spend endless hours, resources, and dollars independently fighting chargebacks? It’s usually their only option. Merchants and issuers must collaborate and fight […]

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  • Chargebacks: The Issuer’s Perspective

    Chargebacks: The Issuer’s Perspective

    The transaction dispute problem is not slowing down. In fact, industry experts predict that chargebacks and transaction disputes will get worse before they get better. This is exactly why issuers must be proactive to avoid the costs, resource drain, and the possible increase in customer attrition caused by unnecessary and fraudulent chargeback disputes. Due to […]

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  • Safeguard Customer Data

    Safeguard Customer Data

    No one wants to hear about the latest data breach and where it hit. Consumers get very nervous when they’re reminded that their personal data is not secure. The last thing a merchant wants is to be associated with a data breach, and issuers get extremely uncomfortable about what the threat to their deep databases […]

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  • Chargebacks: The Merchant’s Perspective

    Chargebacks: The Merchant’s Perspective

    Chargebacks shouldn’t have to be part of the of the cost of doing business, but for many merchants this is their reality. The payments industry uptick in chargebacks and their associated costs have made it very challenging for merchants to stay true on their path of success. Because merchants absorb the majority of costs resulting […]

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  • Internet of Things: More Payment Channels, More Need for Protection

    Internet of Things: More Payment Channels, More Need for Protection

    A refrigerator that knows when there isn’t enough milk for breakfast. Lightbulbs that react to motion and change color based on a programmed schedule. Smart speakers that know when it’s time to restock the dog food and buy more paper towels…. The connected life is here to stay. What started with relatively simple technology to […]

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  • Protecting Merchant Patronage

    Protecting Merchant Patronage

    There is no question that the internet has revolutionized commerce. Purchases happen in an instant with a few clicks, swipes, and taps – and a brand’s success can hinge on a merchant’s ability to deliver a smooth transaction process to their unforgiving consumers. But meeting these expectations has had unintended consequences – a broken chargeback […]

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  • Consumer Communication Gaps

    In today’s omnichannel market environment, when a consumer completes a digital transaction and has a problem with the purchase she typically doesn’t know whom to contact. Since she has flagged the transaction on her billing statement, her first choice of contact is the issuer rather than the merchant. The reason for this is quite clear. […]

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