Bridging the Gap – Leveraging Consumer Data to Prevent Fraud

As technology continues to advance, online criminal activity is maintaining pace.

Fraudsters become more proficient every day, every time a loophole is closed, it seems a new one opens. Consideration must be given to all channels equally.
According to Jeff Sawitke, Chief Product Officer for Verifi, the best way to prevent fraud is to put a consistent policy into place across all sales channels. As he says, “Data-sharing limitations increase a merchant’s fraud risk because those orders may not get the same level of review and validation as orders in other channels. That creates a weakness in the merchant’s system that criminals can find and exploit.” For example, if a customer’s IP address is tracked during purchases on the website, it should also be tracked during purchases on the mobile app.
This and more was the topic of a recent sponsored special report Verifi  published in Internet Retailer Magazine. As one of the top payment management and chargeback protection solutions in the country, Verifi uses industry-leading fraud prevention and detection systems to assure the safety of their merchants and customers.