Compelling Evidence 3.0 301 Training: Qualified Transaction Matching

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Visa’s new compelling evidence 3.0 (CE3.0) takes effect this April 15th, 2023. Here’s what you need to know.

What is CE3.0?

Visa’s latest evolution of compelling evidence requirements for 10.4 fraud disputes, designed to help reduce first-party misuse (friendly fraud) in the post-purchase ecosystem.

How to Use Verifi’s Order Insight with CE3.0

In the months following the April 15, 2023 release of the new compelling evidence rules, merchants can deflect Visa 10.4 disputes by proving they have a previously established relationship with the cardholder through the submission of Qualified Transaction Data from eligible transactions.

Visa’s approach to Qualified Transaction Data is to give the payments ecosystem confidence the cardholder participated in the transaction, and has an established relationship with, the merchant. The criteria are intended to define who made the purchase, when they made it, what it was, where it was from, and how it was done. To prove a transaction was legitimate, merchants must submit core data elements from two eligible transactions.

To establish a historical footprint, merchants must submit Qualified Transaction Data from two different qualifying transactions, which may be cardholder or merchant initiated.


What is Qualified Transaction Data?

  1. IP Address or Device ID/Fingerprint
  2. One of the following:
    • Item Information
    • Customer Account/Login ID
    • Delivery Address

What transactions are eligible?

  • 120 to 365 days older than the disputed transaction
  • Disputed or non-disputed transactions void of prior fraud activity or claims
  • A Merchant Match

How is a Merchant Match determined?

By the Visa Merchant ID or Merchant Descriptor.

Visa understands that some merchants have a variety of merchant descriptors in different formats and may not have a Visa Merchant ID (VMID) associated with every transaction. To account for this, Visa will match merchants to the original transaction using the following criteria:

Merchant Descriptors
without a *
Visa Merchant ID (VMID)
First 6 characters of Merchant Descriptor (left to right). 
Merchant Descriptors
with a *
Visa Merchant ID (VMID)
First 6 characters to the left of the * to match.

*Note: This is a change from learning session 201

Merchant Descriptors
without VMID
Matching MCC
First 6 characters of Merchant Descriptor (left to right). 

What are the required data fields for integration with Order Insight Deflection?

Order Insight Deflection requires additional lookup response fields to enable seamless integration of matching qualified data from eligible transactions. Participating merchants will need to provide a minimum of:

Additional Lookup Response Fields:

ALL of the below:
  • Product description
  • Store name
  • Merchant name
  • Merchant URL
  • Merchant contact phone


    ONE of the below:
    • IP address
    • Device ID
    • Device fingerprint


    ONE or MORE of the below:
    • Account ID
    • Delivery Address (address 1, city, region, postal code, country)
    • IP Address
    • Device ID
    • Device Fingerprint