Device Fingerprinting

Do You Know Who You’re Doing Business With?

Verifi’s Frank Stornello, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer  writes on Branden Williams’ blog that fraudsters are becoming more sophisticated with their identity theft tactics, and how they use the information to make fraudulent purchases. But their resources are nevertheless limited. They can easily change email addresses or IP addresses in their attempt to deceive you, but changing the hardware they use in their attack is costly and time consuming. This is where digital fingerprinting a.k.a. “device fingerprinting” comes into play as part of your defense.
CNP fraud is expected to double by 2018 – merchants need the strongest tools to fight this trend. In a recent survey by eMarketer, device fingerprinting was reported as one of the most popular tools used for fraud management; with half of merchants claiming it’s the most effective tool they use. Consider all effective security measures or it will cost you.