How to Optimize the Mobile Channel for 2015

How can I optimize the mobile channel to streamline the payments process for customers while maintaining security and beating fraud?

It’s no secret that mobile is gaining momentum: According to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, mobile was responsible for 52.1% of traffic to e-commerce sites on Thanksgiving Day, a 22% increase over last year. From Apple Pay – which allows users to pay for purchases with a swipe of their smartphone – to location-based coupons and offers, mobile is catering to consumers’ desire for ease of use. While mobile will help to connect savvy shoppers with good deals and streamline both online and in-store payments, some are still skittish about the security implications. How can merchants take advantage of the mobile push while maintaining a secure, fraud-free experience? We dug deep to find the top tips from experts.

Here is what several sources are saying:

Mobile is the name of the 2015 commerce game and forecasts predict m-commerce revenue to be at 50% of the U.S. digital commerce revenue by 2017.[1]Merchants should optimize the mobile experience not only for online purchasing but also for in-store decision-making:

  • Understand and cater to your customers’ needs along every step of the assessment and purchasing process
  • If you have the capabilities to accept NFC payments like Apple Pay, let people know by posting it on your website or on in-store signage
  • Get creative – in-store mobile maps or games can engage consumers while helping them find exactly what they’re looking for

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