New Product Update: Intelligence Suite ™

Verifi is very excited to announce the expansion of our Intelligence Suite to include Neustar, iovation, IDology and Loc-aid. Verifi continues to understand and exceed the needs of our growing and diversified client base by engaging with industry leading fraud identification and protection vendors.
Neustar is an IP Intelligence vendor providing over 30 data points that can be used to detect identity theft and card-not-present fraud and also for geo-target advertising and digital content distribution.
Another new addition to the Intelligence Suite is iovation, a device identification vendor providing the world’s largest device database resulting in the ability to provide device reputation.
Expanding on the Consumer Intelligence offering, we have implemented the IDology ExpectID Age validation product, which is used to prevent and deter under-age and card-not-present activities.
Verifi also has implemented a new type of Intelligence Suite vendor specializing in mobile location through Loc-aid . As a mobile device location service, Loc-aid uses cellular tower triangulation to geo-locate a device, which can be used to prevent fraud when location of the consumer is of highest importance.
The four new services complement services currently provided by our existing vendors such as MaxMind, ThreatMetrix, Kount, and Experian, thereby providing one of the most comprehensive suite of integrated products available today.
Once any of these services are enabled within My.Verifi, the results are visible through the My.V reporting tool and can also be used to build custom rules to help manage risk and fraud.
To leverage Verifi’s Intelligence Suite vendors, to request an additional vendor be added to the Intelligence Suite, or you need help in determining which vendor is the right fit for you and your business needs, please contact your Relationship Manager.