Rick Lynch on Chargebacks: Myths vs. Reality for the Electronic Retailing Association

Can you reduce your chargeback ratio without reducing sales? Can you fight PayPal disputes? These are just a few of the questions Rick Lynch, our senior vice president of business development, clears up in his recent blog post for the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA).
His “Chargebacks: Myths vs. Reality”, blog helps clarify what the actual truths are when it comes to chargeback prevention. Obviously there are probably a million more, but these are some of the bigger questions that he answers.
If you are could use a primer or refresher when it comes to chargebacks, we suggest you give the blog a read.  If you’d like to learn more about chargeback prevention, Verifi can help as well. We can educate you on the type of system that fits your specific needs – all while providing the accuracy, innovation and quality needed to help you manage the growing chargeback problem.