ENRICH Data Transparency

with Order Insight® Digital


Order Insight Digital drives efficiency gains and aims for a first interaction resolution.​

Reduce cardholder confusion and enrich the customer experience by providing enhanced transaction detail to your cardholders via online banking sites and mobile apps.

More Information at Cardholders’ Fingertips

Order Insight Digital improves the cardholder experience by providing enhanced transaction details, including product description, merchant information, and a full digital receipt. 

  • Cardholders access transaction details to validate sales, reducing strain on your call centers​
  • Transaction information is presented to cardholder in real-time, combatting first-party misuse​
  • Operations staff can review transaction details to validate sales​
  • Reduce Visa and non-Visa dispute volume and liability costs

Enrich Issuer
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Enrich the Customer Experience

Provide enhanced transparency to your cardholders

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Combat First-Party Misuse

Present transaction detail, validate sales, and identify first-party misuse

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Improve Call Center Operations

Help cardholders self-serve, reducing operational demands

Enrich Mobile

Overcome Challenges for Cardholders & Issuers

  • Helps cardholders remember their purchases
  • Clarifies confusing billing descriptors​
  • Validate sales rather than initiating disputes

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