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Holiday Sales Will Reach Their Highest Level This Year — Are You Ready?

Holiday sales are expected to reach a record high of up to $1.57 trillion in the period from November 2023 to January 2024! You can also expect more of these sales to be completed with the click of a button rather than the swipe of a card, as e-commerce sales are expected to increase by up to 12.8%.

Cyber Monday

Consumers are shopping smarter and longer, taking advantage of sales and stretching their gift-buying across a longer period. 58% of consumers don’t plan to finish their shopping until December. Sellers will have to remain flexible and vie for attention from competitors as consumers do their research and make their preparations. 

How can your organization make the most of this record-setting year? Attract and maintain attention. Make your brand memorable. With a planned 38% increase in gift card purchases, you need to be front of mind to ideal consumers now, during, and after the big sales surges. 

And while you’re strategizing, don’t let your hard-earned profits go to waste. Learn how Verifi’s industry-leading post purchase solutions prevent chargebacks and fraud, and maximize your profits.

Holiday sales are expected to reach up to $1.56 trillion

E-commerce holiday sales are expected to increase up to 12.8%

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Enhanced transaction data helps prevent disputes at customer inquiry. Prevent friendly fraud and validate legitimate sales.

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Resolve disputes in real time at the pre-dispute stage. Configure our auto-decision engine to refund disputes before a chargeback happens.

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Recover revenue lost to chargebacks. Our experts handle dispute representment for you, maximizing chargeback wins and recovery.

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Receive fraud and dispute notifications from a single source to protect against known fraudsters and prevent future disputes.





Don’t Let Chargebacks Take Away Your Holiday Cheer

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