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Order Insight connects sellers of all sizes to issuers, providing enhanced transaction detail to ecommerce customers in real-time. Billing descriptors can be confusing, and customers often forget their purchases leading to chargebacks. With Order Insight, sellers can proactively prevent disputes by providing additional detail at the call center, or when a cardholder opens their bank app and reviews their transactions. 

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Watch this short video to see how Verifi’s PREVENT Solution will help prevent disputes and improve the customer experience.

Activate Order Insight Through Your eCommerce Platform

Verifi has connections to some of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms allowing sellers of all sizes to benefit from data transparency, improving the customer experience. Select your platform to get started.

Click Go to access the BigCommerce app store and activate Order Insight today. BigCommerce focuses on being the best commerce platform so its customers can focus on what matters most: growing their businesses. ​

Verifi is continually evaluating new partners. Check back here to see the additional ecommerce platforms that Order Insight will be available through. ​

Benefits of Order Insight Express


Enrich the customer experience with data transparency

  • Quick activation through your existing ecommerce platform
  • Extend seller customer service through global network of issuers
  • Prevent disputes before they count against sellers Visa dispute ratio*
  • Grow brand loyalty by clarifying transaction confusion and purchase history

* Acquirers may have their own risk assessment parameters and may levy fees based on such parameters regardless of a seller meeting Visa’s dispute ratio target.

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