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Differentiate Your Value-Added Services By Reselling Pre-Dispute Solutions

Acquirers have a unique position in the payments lifecycle, helping sellers grow their business, manage receivables, and reduce risk. By reselling Verifi’s pre-dispute solutions, acquirers can also help sellers gain visibility into the pre-dispute process, control sellers Visa dispute ratio*, and improve the customer experience.

Acquirers may have their own risk assessment parameters, and may levy fees based on such parameters regardless of a seller meeting Visa’s dispute ratio target

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Benefits Of Becoming A Reseller Partner


Verifi is committed to developing long-term collaborative relationships with acquirer reseller partners. Reseller partners have access to marketing assistance including sales materials with benefit-driven messaging of dispute reduction, revenue protection, and an enhanced cardholder experience. Our goal is to help acquirers drive pre-dispute solutions adoption, increase client retention, and reduce friction in the payments ecosystem.

Pre-Dispute Solutions



Order Insight®  provides cardholders with purchase details via online and mobile banking apps. Cardholders can validate sales or contact issuer call centers that have access to the same details.

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Sellers can choose to take on liability of a dispute by selecting auto-decision rules or manually reviewing cases. Resolve disputes quickly and easily to improve the customer experience and reduce seller risk.

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