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Don’t let questions stop you from achieving your partner goals. We have compiled a selection of the most important questions and answers to help you.

Depending on your partner type, there are different pay schedules. Please refer to your specific agreement for a definitive answer.

  • Authorized Reseller: Verifi provides you a buy rate and you resell at a markup
  • Referral Partner: We provide a commission for referrals. Commissions are paid monthly
  • Enablement Partner: As you have integrated to Verifi, your client would have a direct contract with Verifi; a referral commission may be paid if negotiated.

The reseller will receive a monthly statement itemizing products used by case, alert, or unit. Per contract, buy rate and fees will be itemized on the monthly invoice and due as defined by contract terms.

Currently we do not offer managed chargeback representment to our Authorized Reseller partners. If you have a client who is interested in RECOVER, please contact your Account Executive or submit a referral form.

No, the service is not mandatory for issuers. Visa and Verifi will review the service on an ongoing basis and update participating sellers of any possible changes.

Verifi’s team of marketing experts gets involved at the very beginning of our partnership. Our consultative approach explores your promotional needs, and we offer co-branded sales tools such as pitch decks, quick reference product cheat sheets, and sales brochures. Marketing support is provided to assist you in the successful promotion of services to ensure adoption.

We do not allow the “white labeling” of our services. We require partners to disclose that they are a reseller of Verifi services. This may come in the form of “Powered by Verifi” for Enablement Partners or the display of our “Authorized Reseller” badge.

Verifi prides itself on lifelong partnerships. As your organization grows, we are here to help and are always open to the idea of evolving our relationship.

Short answer – yes. There are standard terms that require a monthly minimum. These will be set out during contract negotiation. Please refer to your agreement for your specific minimum.

We do not charge an integration fee, however, there may be a licensing fee. Integration requirements are specific to each solution.

No. Our reseller agreements do not restrict client enrollment by region or territory.

A client may request a transfer from one reseller to another. We have a procedure to request and approve transfer requests. Please contact your Account Executive for more information.

Sub-resellers are not permitted.

During on-boarding, we provide marketing consultation, integration and technology support, sales training on solution pitches, and partner training on how to on-board and manage your clients’ use of Verifi’s Total Dispute Management solutions.

Verifi will not interact directly with sellers regarding activity processed by resellers.

Please submit referrals on our referral page, and we will reach out to discuss the process.

Yes, depending on the specific relationship Verifi will list Authorized Resellers on our website and provide a link to their website. Authorized Resellers can also display our badge on their website to indicate our partnership.

Verifi may offer incentives in special instances or for limited promotions. Please contact your Account Executive.

Authorized Resellers can conduct a full marketing program of their choice, however, Verifi will require review and approval of any public facing statement directly mentioning or discussing our solutions or business activities.

A reseller can begin reselling immediately after the proper product integration is completed. Note: CDRN resellers can start to board clients immediately using the Verifi portal.


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