Get the ideal balance of fraud protection you need without losing your legitimate customers and sales

Verifi’s Intelligence Suite is a turn-key risk management platform that allows you easily customize the most appropriate services to protect your business, gain greater customer insights and seamlessly keep pace with emerging fraud threats.

The Verifi Solution = Payments Intelligence + Customer Intelligence + Mobile Intelligence + Device/IP Intelligence + Merchant Co-Op®

Verifi’s Intelligence Suite gives complete coverage for all your CNP transaction points of vulnerability and communication. Regardless of how you’re doing business (online, face-to-face, mobile point of sales, phone, etc) you’re protected with Verifi.

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payment risk management with Verifi
One smart solution for all your business needs

Stop losses from bad actors – quickly and accurately uncover fraud by identifying and blocking risky devices (e-commerce, mobile, etc.) – BEFORE they have a chance to use stolen payment card or ID credentials.

Get added consumer insights – Consumer authentication and intelligence enables you to gain insights into your customers’ identities, interests and behavior patterns quickly and seamlessly. Boost conversions while minimizing the need for manual data entry.

Pinpoint purchase behavior originating from risky areas or uncommon to customer – Non "spoofable," geolocation technology allows you to pinpoint the origination of the purchaser’s location and creates red flags without interfering with the customer's user experience.

Help maintain regulatory compliance and lower liability

fraud technology with Verifi
Easy integration – get started quickly and easily without wasting money on integration costs and headaches. Take advantage of our easy-to-integrate comprehensive fraud protection solution suite.
Verifi fraud technology
The right tool for your business – you decide which technologies and tools you want to use. Ask us our opinion and we’ll help you get the ideal level of fraud protection for your business.
Verifi Intelligence Suite fraud prevention technology
Customized consumer insights – use Verifi’s detailed and inclusive rules engine to gain deep customer insights in real-time. Use this data to fine-tune your fraud protection with over 500 unique data points.
Verifi fraud protection
Faster transaction processing speed – your customers won’t tolerate a lengthy transaction review process. Using Verifi’s Intelligence Suite you get the merchant services that deliver fraud protection and efficient transaction processing. Keep your customers happy with efficient authentication and verification.
Maximize results – our team of experts will work with you to ensure you’re getting the results your business needs. We deliver complete customization with our smart solution.

Your business. Your needs. Your customized solution.

Know who to trust: not all devices can be trusted in this ever-evolving world of ecommerce and mobile sales. Uncover fraud and block these risky devices before fraudulent purchases occur.

Know your customers: consumer authentication and intelligence enables you to gain insights into customer personalities, interests, and behavior patterns. Quickly and seamlessly boost conversions with this much-needed customer knowledge.

Know the patterns: knowing how and where your customers are making transactions is key in evaluating and determining risky behavior. Using non-spoofable geolocation technology, you can pinpoint the customer's location, triggering red flags without impacting the customer's experience. Protect customer transactions and eliminate risk.

When you use proven effective merchant services you lower your liability risk and increase your regulatory compliance rate.

Verifi is your partner in comprehensive and layered end-to-end fraud protection and payment risk management

Our fraud management platform uses the best-of-breed tools, allowing you to layer, test and customize in this dynamic CNP marketplace.

Verifi fraud protection





There is more to a successful business than fraud protection. You need to protect your business from chargebacks and increase your sales - all without impacting the customer experience.

Take advantage of Verifi's expertise by combining our Intelligence Suite with our award-winning patented Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN). With these two solutions working behind-the-scenes, your customers will benefit from a smooth and efficient transaction authentication experience and you have the peace-of-mind that your business is protected from fraud and chargeback claims.

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