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The cost of fraud on merchants’ bottom line is increasing for the second year in a row. What hasn’t increased? Merchants’ investment in preventative measures to stop it. Download Verifi’s 2022 Global Fraud and Payments Report to see how fraud changed in 2021 – and how merchants are handling it.


of merchants believe that fraudulent disputes should be attributed to first-party misuse.


of merchants indicate issuers regularly or frequently incorrectly file transactions as fraud disputes.


of merchants believe transaction confusion is a driving cause of first-party misuse.

Understanding Fraud

The Global Fraud and Payments Report is an educational, free report compiled by Verifi and Cybersource that conveys transparent and unbiased research.  The report outlines the latest industry fraud data and management methods used by merchants.

In it you’ll find: 

  • The scale and type of fraud seen in the global marketplace.
  • How fraud changes based on the size of the business.
  • A robust set of performance benchmarks that merchants can use to help optimize their fraud management and prevention practices. 

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