Transaction and Payment Disputes? Get the Complete Chargeback Management Guide

What’s your chargeback risk? When thinking about transaction and payment disputes, it helps to understand the flaws in the process as well as the costs that compound every step of the way.

Verifi’s Complete Chargeback Management Guide provides relevant insights on today’s payments and chargeback risks and offers clear explanations on how to address transaction disputes to yield immediate and significant profit improvements.

  • Prevent transaction disputes
  • Establish foundational process improvements
  • Checklist to guide your chargeback process
  • Learn about our Total Chargeback Management Network

Prevent Chargebacks and Protect Your Profits

Chargeback Management

This guide will show you how reducing transaction dispute volume and altering the process can yield immediate and significant profit improvements. However, it requires a unified approach to dispute management that includes fixes to customer service, marketing, and e-commerce — PLUS a multi-layered defense in-depth fraud strategy AND improved issuer – merchant collaboration.


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