The Verifi “Super Payment Gateway” Supports All of Your Global Processing Needs via One Platform and Worldwide Connection

Verifi Global Payment Processing

Processor agnostic platform with the flexibility to manage all of your current and future needs

You need a solution that gives you the best options when it comes to processing support. Verifi’s Global Payment Gateway is processor agnostic and is directly integrated with over 130+ major domestic and international acquirer processing networks.

We give you constant uptime, revenue protection, and keep your processing costs low with our intelligent and flexible routing. Remember we support all card types and currencies - do your business how and where you want.

  • Multi-Currency: accept and manage any currency.
  • Diverse payment types: support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro, and ACH.
  • Detailed accounting options: monitor and manage transaction submissions and cut-off times.
  • Secure payment fields: gives your customers a unified shopping experience that eliminates customer confusion.
  • Swipe dongle: take advantage of mobile technology and use the dongle to process credit/debit card payments wherever and however you’re doing business.

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Protect Your Brand and Build Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty is critical to your longevity and the rising threats of fraud and other security risks can have a huge impact on your brand and bottom line. This is why you need to take advantage of Verifi’s dynamic rules engine that gives you the opportunity to quickly accept or decline transactions with enhanced automation. Use our integrated rules system or choose your own custom rules.

Get access to the fraud prevention tools that will keep your brand safe and secure. Your customers know there are risks, give them the peace-of-mind they want and watch your bottom line grow.

Supports OVER 130+ major domestic and international acquirer and processing networks.

Dynamic Transaction Routing one interface and user account to manage all transaction processing demands regardless of business unit.

Least cost and split routing versatile support for channel segmentation, complex media buyer funding requirements, domestic and international business routing limits.

Risk assessment analysis have the power to completely evaluate fraud and chargeback risks. Use this risk assessment knowledge to troubleshoot problems, to better understand business risks and demands, and to improve the customer experience.

Flexible processing across multiple business lines from a centralized location, anywhere, anytime.

Drill reporting  our proprietary reporting tool lets you dynamically analyze transaction activity, risk, assess marketing strategies, forecast transaction processing - all to better support your business.


Verifi Global Payment Processing

Easily - Adapt to Emerging Technology

With the rise of omni-channel shopping experiences come both risks and threats.  Each of these new revenue opportunities brings with it unknowns and questions, therefore you need to know the how, when, where, what, and why of every transaction. Using our integrated analysis, you can crunch the numbers and see the data for yourself, use this robust reporting to ensure you are staying current and secure.

  • Flexible billing: support for all billing options including recurring, one-time or installment-based business.
  • Better billing descriptors: create your own custom billing descriptions to enable customer awareness.
  • Real-time API or batch processing: choose the processing model that meets your needs. Both options offer the most secure transaction protection available with SSL certificates.
  • Profitability analysis: know what your transaction volume really is and use this data to create logical business segments based on profitability. Determine the best ways to allocate funds and keep your revenue growing.

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Reduce the Cost of Compliance in a Safe and Secure Processing Environment

We make it easy to Protect Your Brand, Customer Experience and Bottom Line

Maintain PCI certifications and save tens of thousands of dollars with the PCI Level 1 certified payment gateway; Transaction Tokenization and Vault Storage enables clients with recurring payments to allow cardholders to enter card information once and store for future recurring transactions.

Protect against breaches – The Global Super Payment Gateway protects your sensitive data via tokenization, safely storing customers’ credit card and personal information and returning a “token” back to you for future processing needs.

Tokenization or “Payment Vault”  allows you to leverage payment “tokens” to reduce PCI exposure and minimize the handling of sensitive cardholder data. The payment information is initially stored within the Verifi system and referenced with a unique token when subsequent transactions occur.

Secure Payment Fields ensures a client does not have to be PCI compliant to enable eCommerce to its customers. Sales info and customer data are presented to the consumer as if they were a part of your website, when in fact the customer fields are actually hosted and stored on the Super Payment Gateway - without ever being seen or touched by your systems.

Virtual Terminal allows a user to manually authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions from any computer or device with Internet access. Merchants operating multiple branches or locations are able to control access and permissions on a ‘per-user’ and per location basis.

Verifi Global Payment Processing

Reduce Compliance Costs and Stay Current

You can be confident that Verifi’s Global Payment Gateway is PCI Level 1 certified and that we use tokens to safely process your transactions. Using our Super Gateway, you’ll not only save money and maintain compliance, but you’ll also protect your brand and reputation from the high costs of data breaches and customer data leaks.

  • Virtual terminal: access and manage the Global Super Gateway from any computer or location.
  • PCI certification support: our PCI Level 1 certification, transaction tokenization, and vault storage lets you securely store client card information for future and recurring payments.
  • Payment vault: leverage payment tokens to reduce PCI exposure and reduce the handling of sensitive cardholder information. We store this information in the Verifi system and it is referenced with a unique token when a subsequent transaction occurs.

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Comprehensive, Layered Fraud Protection Across the Entire Transaction Lifecycle

Stay ahead of the evolving fraud threats, fine tune your prevention measures and maximize sales without incurring sizable reintegration costs.
Easily and quickly accept or decline transactions with a robust rules engine that allows you to configure pre-set business or custom rules, saving you the time it takes to manually assess risk tolerance.


Seamlessly layer, enable and adjust the right fraud prevention tools for your business without the pain of multiple integrations

The Super Payment Gateway easily integrates with Verifi's suite of payments protection solutions, providing insights and in-depth reporting on trends and risks in your business – from global business to marketing and affiliate partners:

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN) – our award winning service helps stop chargebacks and improve your resolution ratio.

Premier Chargeback Revenue Representment and Recovery helps you fight and recover profits lost to chargebacks without the added labor or operational costs. Win rates nearly 2X the industry average, covering both card present and card not present business models

Decline Salvage helps you retain more customers and increase your billings and life time customer value

Intelligence® Suite brings you the best in breed, omni channel fraud detection and remediation solutions (including Device ID, IP Geo location, mobile intelligence etc.) to stop fraud and allow legitimate sales to flow through to your bottom line.

Verifi Global Payment Processing

In-depth Analysis of Business Priorities

Thanks to our in-depth performance, risk, profitability, and chargeback analysis and reporting, you always know what is (and isn’t) happening within your business.

Develop custom strategies to respond to the shifts in your business, prepare for upcoming events, monitor risk, and continue to deliver your customers a hassle-free buying experience.

  • Authorization performance analysis: improve your authorization ratios of profitability with our built-in predictive modelling insights. Understand authentication metrics and other key information.
  • Chargeback, fraud and refund forecasting: with predictive forecasting of chargeback, fraud and refund activity by timeframe gives you the power to prepare and make adjustments to limit these costs.
  • Complete customization: create the reporting rules and gain the deep analysis you need for your unique business.

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Secure Global and Worldwide Processing Support with Just One Platform

Your customers want a secure end-to-end buying experience. You want a secure end-to-end payment authorization and authentication experience. Our Global Payment Gateway is the complete solution for your business. With complete integration with Verifi’s entire solution network you get the one system that delivers on all of your business and customer needs.

The Super Gateway easily integrates with Verifi's suite of payments protection solutions, providing insights and in-depth reporting on trends and risks in your business.

Maintain a global view of business priorities and optimize profitability with unparalleled reporting capabilities

Authorization Performance Analysis – Predictive modeling provides insight into authentication metrics and the long-term value of customers and our team designs high decline rule strategies to research declines (for example, according to Merchant Defined Fields, and investigate declines by Level of Continuity (LOC) for recurring businesses) to improve authorization ratios profitability.

Risk Assessment Analysis – Completion of an overall evaluation of fraud, chargeback, refund, and decline risk assessment assists in understanding the high-risk components of the business, tracking cardholder conversion, troubleshooting user experience issues and examining data based upon Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), and much more.

Drill Reporting is a proprietary reporting tool that allows you to dynamically analyze transaction activity in a multitude of ways to obtain operational insights, analyze risk, assess marketing strategies, and forecast transaction processing and help address specific business questions. Customize your inquires at multiple levels of data and resort and modify your “what if “ analysis on on-the-fly easily to review data accordingly.

Overall Profitability Analysis – Evaluation of all transaction volume leads to the creation of a logical segmentation of the entire business which are then ranked by profitability; solutions may be crafted to address low or unprofitable segments while marketing dollars can be more effectively spent on highly profitable channels.

Chargeback, Fraud & Refund Forecasting – Predictive forecasting of chargeback, fraud and refund activity by timeframe allows for appropriate preparations and adjustments to minimize forecasted levels.

Custom Analysis – Every business is different, therefore we can custom tailor our analysis to evaluate and support your specific business operations.

Enterprise Reporting combines purchase transaction, marketing, fulfillment, consumer and chronological data.


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