Total Dispute Management for Resellers 

Verifi’s solutions provide protection from fraud, disputes, and chargebacks enabling resellers to expand payment solution offerings and minimize risk for their clients.



Order Insight® 

Verifi’s PREVENT solution enables resellers to provide issuers and customers with enhanced order details at point of first customer inquiry to prevent disputes.

  • Extends seller’s customer service to issuer call centers
  • Issuer call center staff access order data to validate sales
  • Reduce customer billing confusion
  • Enable customer to clarify transaction confusion via issuer online banking or app
  • Prevent brand damage and loss of customers

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Dispute Resolution

Verifi’s RESOLVE solution enables sellers to proactively resolve non-fraud and confirmed fraud disputes with a manual refund, cancellation, or auto-decisioned resolution.

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

  • Auto-decision pre-dispute cases with participating RDR issuers using a robust decision engine customized by seller for real-time resolution

Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®)

  • Resolve pre-disputes directed by participating CDRN issuers within 72 hours by seller-initiated refund

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