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Disputes cause multiple problems for sellers including financial loss, operational challenges and brand reputation damage. 

When a chargeback occurs, not only has the seller lost the revenue from the sale but fighting the dispute can increase costs and disrupt business operations.

Watch this short video to see how Verifi’s RECOVER Solution will help your business recover revenue that would otherwise be lost to disputes.


Not all disputes are created equal. At Verifi, we know this well. With more than 15 years of experience, we have learned that the best recipe for dispute response success is a human touch.

Our team of experts has the ability to review each and every dispute and build a custom compelling evidence response to maximize win rates for all major card brands globally.

Dispute Representment

We provide an end-to-end Dispute Representment solution to win back your disputed sales revenue with a human touch. Our global dispute source integrations and simple options to access your compelling evidence make working with us easy. A dedicated team of our specialists build compelling evidence packages and represent disputes on your behalf. You can see results of recovered revenue directly though our flexible reporting interface.

Why Verifi’s Dispute Representment?

Global Dispute Sources

Integrated with Global Payment Entities for Dispute Intake, Processing, and Response

Verifi collects and syncs dispute data directly from payment entities, like acquirers, processors, independent sales organizations, and data partners.

Outsourced Managed Service

Verifi Specialists Provide Hands-On Expertise

Our specialists use their expertise to include best evidence and deliver an accurate, formatted response package.

Flexible Integration

Verifi Supports Multiple Integrations to Collect Compelling Evidence

Simple integration options provided to facilitate quick onboarding to suit individual seller needs.

Enhanced Reporting

On-demand Reporting Provides Comprehensive Insights

Access on-demand reporting to improve financial forecasting and key performance indicators for maximum revenue protection.

Benefits of Verifi’s Dispute Representment

  • Team of dedicated experts manage compelling evidence collection and response package submission 

  • Scalable on-demand when additional resources are needed 

  • Simple integration options for quick onboarding 

  • Qualify for billing on successful recovery for guaranteed ROI 

The Dispute Management Process

Total Dispute Management solutions leverage Visa’s network to provide protection from fraud and non-fraud disputes, increasing profits for payments stakeholders and enhancing customer experience. Verifi’s RECOVER solution, enables sellers to maximize wins on represented disputes – expertly managed by our Dispute Representment team.


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