How it works
  1. Customer contacts issuer with a transaction dispute
  2. Dispute is routed to RESOLVE solution
  3. Non-Visa Disputes: Dispute paused by issuer for seller-directed resolution
  4. Visa Disputes: Dispute flows through decision engine for automatic resolution
  5. Customer dispute resolved

Benefits of Rapid Dispute Resolution

Resolve Visa Disputes

  • Resolve Visa disputes automatically through Verifi's decision engine
  • Improve customer experience with automatic refund

Resolve Non-Visa Disputes

  • Receive notifications of non-Visa disputes in near real-time
  • Stop future disputes on recurring transactions

Avoid Dispute Monitoring Program

  • Prevent filing of pending disputes through prompt resolution to protect seller account
  • Protect seller account – resolved pre-dispute cases do not count against your dispute monitoring ratios

The RESOLVE Difference

Global Dispute Prevention ​

Expanded Global Network Coverage with Verifi and Visa Issuers​

  • Identify risk and quickly resolve disputes​
  • Reduce false positives – stop over-refunding​
  • Prevent future disputes on recurring payments and subscription billing​
  • Multiple card-brand dispute resolution​
  • Provide best customer experience and reinforce brand value​
  • Reduce operational costs and increase profits with automated Rapid Dispute Resolution​

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