Verifi has been a leader in the payments space since 2005, specializing in chargeback and fraud mitigation and recovery. During that time, Verifi has continually strengthened our representment processes. We incorporate the strongest compelling evidence based on reason code, customizing responses for each unique chargeback case, and improving efficiencies to streamline and accelerate responses and maximizing win rates.
We’re thrilled to be expanding our Dispute Representment product line with our new Self-Service solution! Applying our team’s exceptional experience, Verifi’s Self-Service option enables users to benefit from Verifi’s dispute representment technology, while maintaining oversight and decisioning for each case. You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to manage your cases with this solution, available in January via the new Verifi | One™ platform.

Verifi’s Self-Service Dispute Representment solution options include:

  • Single, Web-based platform Access all of your cases, across multiple dispute sources and acquirers, through a single interface.
  • Case Assistance Step-by-step, guided flows lead your team members through the representment process, offering best practices and suggestions to support informed decision making.
  • Simple Response Templates Dispute response code-defined templates that pre-populate data, prominently featuring key compelling evidence and ensuring consistent responses.
  • Robust Analytics User-friendly dashboards and reporting to track how your team is doing and identify real-time process improvement opportunities.

How it works:

Once your chargeback data sources are integrated with the Verifi Dispute Representment platform, your team can begin managing chargebacks. Verifi is already integrated with over 60 acquirers and solutions providers, keeping set up fast and easy. Below is a brief illustration of how this process could look for your business.

Knowledge is power!

Take advantage of Verifi’s representment expertise, now available through multiple solutions, enabling you to select the best fit for your business!
Prefer to leave the heavy lifting to us? With Verifi’s managed dispute representment service, we do all the work and you benefit from industry-leading win rates of up to 63% fully maximizing your recovery.
Prefer to maintain more control? Verifi’s Self-Service solution provides your dispute management team with highly efficient, guided expertise to maximize your win rate and revenue recovery. With Verifi’s Self-Service solution in place, your team will be able to streamline your dispute response process and increase your team’s effectiveness.
Feel free to reach out to your Relationship Manager or Verifi Client Support to discuss Dispute Representment options and which one might be the best fit for your business.
* Issuer win/loss response availability is determined by the Merchant’s Acquirer. Verifi displays this detail in its CBR self-service platform when available.