Protect the health of your merchant portfolio with proven solutions

Processing hundreds of thousands of chargebacks EVERY month for emerging businesses to some of the world’s top CNP merchants, more than 25,000 accounts globally depend on Verifi for their chargeback and fraud prevention needs.

Partner with Verifi and help your merchants solve their fraud and chargeback problems with the award winning Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN).

Real time notifications - stops up to 50%* of chargebacks BEFORE they happen

Extensive, growing network of top issuers - protect against BOTH fraud and non-fraud chargebacks

Rapid deployment: With little-to-no IT integration, your merchants can be up and running within a day on our portal - with no development costs.

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Increase transaction volume and earn more income

Partnering with Verifi enables you to not only protect your merchant portfolio by stopping chargebacks but also boost transaction volume – and earn more income – by helping your merchants accept more good transactions.

Whether you’re an ISO, processor or agent, the Verifi Partner Program offers a proven, credible solutions and generous compensation programs that scale with your volume – so you earn more from every transaction and immediately impact your bottom line.

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Build loyalty and win more business

Stand apart in the competitive payments space by partnering with Verifi to offer industry-leading chargeback and risk management solutions as well as other value added services that help you grow your business.

Verifi offers a full-suite of payment protection services including chargeback dispute management/revenue recovery with win rates almost 2X the industry average rate, fraud prevention/analytics and services that increase customer retention and improve recurring billings by up to 20%*.

For new prospects or high-risk merchants, offer CDRN as a value-added service and become immediately more competitive in the bidding process and increase your revenues on "high risk or harder to write" business.

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Flexible partner options ensure your success

Verifi supports you every step of the way so you can focus on earning more income and growing your business – from the most innovative valued added services, to branded marketing collateral, training and customer support and the flexibility to choose the right type of partnership for your business

Referral Partner: Earn more risk free income. We'll help you find and refer qualified prospects to your Verifi account representative

Value Added Partner (VAP): You can sell the CDRN Portal and other value services as a standalone service or combine it with your internal suite of services to build your brand

Reseller Partner: You can sell the CDRN Portal or you can integrate our CDRN API with your own processing or client facing solutions.

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 Ready for a win/win?

See for yourself how easy it can be to earn more on every transaction and expand your portfolio of payment-related services. Take the first step, request details about our Partner Program and learn how working with Verifi is a win/win.

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