Cardholders and issuers may wish to recall an RDR case after it has been submitted.  

Starting June 27, RDR cases that have been deleted, or recalled, will be reflected within the Verifi | One portal. 

In the Verifi | One portal, clients have two ways to see activity relating to RDR cases that have been deleted, or recalled, by an issuer.  

First, on the Case Details page for the relevant RDR case, clients will see a label indicating that the issuer canceled the dispute. They will also see a new Notifications panel, which will contain a link to an associated RDR Notice record for the Delete event.   


Second, by clicking on the link to the associated RDR Notice record, clients can see details for a specific RDR Notice record.  


Note that clients may also look up these RDR Notice records directly on the existing Case Activity search page, using filters Case Type = RDR Notice and Case Event = Delete.  


If you have any questions about this product update, please reach out to your relationship manager or Verifi Client Support at support@verifi.com.