It’s true that 86% of the time cardholders bypass the merchant and go directly to the issuing bank to dispute transactions. However, it is false to believe that you can do nothing about this.
The current chargeback process is flawed. Often, merchants are informed of a chargeback late in the process, making it difficult to respond in a timely manner with the appropriate representment information. The fact is, chargebacks can be prevented from ever happening.
With Verifi’s Total Chargeback Solution, we help stop chargebacks before they start by providing a platform for merchant-issuer collaboration that informs the consumer of detailed transaction information to clear up confusing billing descriptors. This allows merchants and customers to reach an early resolution, saving you time and the costly pain that chargebacks cause to all parties.
  • Robust transaction details shared with all parties – merchants, issuers, and cardholders
  • Relieve billing confusion and prevent fraud on the front-end
  • Stop disputes before they become a chargeback
  • Validate legitimate sales and protect your revenue
  • Avoid profit loss due to over-refunding and manual reviews
  • Reduce chargeback ratio and eliminate fees, fines, and penalties that drain business resources
  • Improve brand loyalty and long-lasting customer relations
  • Reclaim lost sales and increase profits

If you choose to dispute a chargeback, our expert representment team will fight for you every step of the way. With a chargeback win rate that’s 2X the industry average, we help reclaim more than 50% of all disputes.
With the industry-leading fraud prevention solution on the front-end and expert chargeback resolution on the back-end, Verifi is your ideal partner in providing unmatched service in total payments solutions.