Modern consumers are buying online more than ever, which is good news for sellers; but, increased sales transactions can in turn create growth in consumer disputes. These disputes more often than not overwhelm sellers, leading to a bad customer experience.

Card brands and solution providers have advanced dispute rules and technology to improve the dispute experience and create efficiencies across the payment ecosystem. In 2022, Verifi increased global coverage of our products and experienced some record-breaking performance.  

Combatting first-party misuse, preventing unnecessary disputes and resolving pre-disputes have become the pinnacle of chargeback mitigation strategies for merchants worldwide. Our webinar reviews how these strategies impact merchants, the growth and performance of disputes in 2022 and what lies ahead for future of disputes. 

Key takeaways:  

  1. Dispute best practices including data sharing, refund optimization and automated resolution strategies  
  2. Growth and adoption of pre-dispute solutions globally and future activations to support a better customer experience  
  3. Compelling Evidence evolution and technical implementation for improved deflection of confirmed first-party misuse  


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Gabe McGloin
VP, International Sales, Verifi

Bibek Das
Product Director, Verifi

Melanie Davis
Director, Visa

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