Compelling Evidence 3.0 was launched in April and since then both pre-dispute and pre-arbitration have seen strong adoption, providing deflection and representment benefits to merchants globally. Our webinar shared the results these benefits have realized and provide an update from clients live on Systematic Dispute Deflection.   

Presented by Verifi’s dispute experts and joined by a client, on this webinar attendees will learn why our client was an early adopter of the pre-dispute capabilities within CE3.0, the challenges, results and outcomes they have experienced to date, the impact this rule change has had on their business from an operations and strategic standpoint, and their future hopes for Compelling Evidence.  

In addition to sharing beta results for CE3.0, Verifi also shared aggregated deflection statistics and discuss the future of Order Insight®.  

Webinar key take aways:  

  • Challenges and hurdles experienced by the industry and what has been done to make the experience smoother. 
  • Best practice recommendations from our client speaker on how they prepared to make this step.  
  • Review of how the rule has impacted disputes, with supporting data.  



Karen Coffey
Director, Global Channel Partnerships

Greg Witten
Vice President, Sales

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