The first step in providing better dispute management is having better insight into the merchants appearing on your cardholders’ billing statements. In our experience, simply having a deeper level of information available at dispute intake can help eliminate confusion caused by unrecognized transactions.
Verifi’s solution, Descriptor Exchange, supplies issuers with merchant-level details associated with the billing descriptor at their fingertips, improving their ability to spark recognition with their consumers .  Descriptor Exchange includes 20,000 of the most commonly disputed descriptors and accompanying data attributes, where available, such as:

  • Brand Name
  • Merchant Address (Physical or HQ)
  • Postal Code
  • Contact Number (Customer Service, Individual Store, etc.)
  • Website Contact URL
  • Terms & Conditions URL
  • Refunds & Refund Policy URL
  • Customer Support Email Contact(s)
  • Logo/Brand image
  • Primary Country

Self-Service Integrations

Descriptor Exchange is available via the Verifi | One platform or through an API integration, enabling you to incorporate data into your existing cardholder service platform.  This data can be useful in the following self-service scenarios:

  • Mobile Banking App: Provide cardholders the ability to click and expand any transaction to view merchant details, location, and contact information.
  • Online Banking Chat: Descriptor Exchange data is compatible for use in online self-resolution channels, in response to cardholder queries on unrecognized descriptors. Providing merchant data through this channel also helps to redirect unnecessary call center inquiries.

Call Center Support
With rich merchant-level information in one central location, call center representatives can reduce time spent searching the Internet. We are continually updating Descriptor Exchange to reflect new merchants and expanded detail, ensuring up-to-date descriptor information is always available.
Reduce dispute volume and provide an outstanding customer experience – get Descriptor Exchange merchant-level data today! Contact your relationship manager for more information.