Total Dispute Management for Issuers

Verifi and Visa have combined solutions to provide dispute management services for expedited resolution options, enabling issuers to resolve disputes quicker and enhance the cardholder experience.



Order Insight®

Issuer call center agents review enhanced seller and transaction data with cardholders to achieve one-call resolution. 

Issuer Call Center

  • Issuer call centers access transaction details to validate sales or confirm fraud
  • Reduce call time and back office processing


Order Insight Digital

Cardholder can review enhanced seller and transaction data to confirm purchases.

Cardholder Self-Service

  • Improve cardholder experience with enhanced details in online and mobile banking
  • Provide cardholders with transaction clarification to reduce inquiries and prevent friendly fraud and disputes

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mobile phones



Expedited Resolution

Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

RDR allows the seller to resolve pre-disputes automatically and in real time. Visa processes multi-branded requests through Visa Resolve Online (VROL).

  • Obtain automated, real-time resolution for pre-disputes based on seller-defined rules
  • Supports a better cardholder journey with fast and final resolution
  • Financial resolution through existing financial message structure (Visa transactions)

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Dispute Processing

Visa Resolve Online

VROL provides a ‘safety net’ when pre-dispute products do not render an expedited resolution, providing comprehensive workflow-based coverage of all disputes.

  • Issuers already sending dispute traffic, globally connected to sellers
  • Workflow-based dispute processing
  • Liability/funds management through VROL Financials
  • Required for submission of Visa disputes
  • Full integration with Verifi’s pre-dispute solutions directly in VROL

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