Total Dispute Management for Sellers

Verifi’s solutions provide protection from fraud, disputes, and chargebacks, enabling sellers to increase profits and provide a better customer experience throughout the post-transaction lifecycle.



Order Insight® 

Sellers respond to inquiries by issuers and their customers to proactively prevent disputes.

  • Reduce billing confusion
  • Confirm valid sales and increase profits
  • Improve customer experience

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Dispute Resolution

Sellers can process refunds or cancellations for non-fraud and confirmed fraud, avoiding a dispute.

  • Hands-off dispute resolution in real time
  • Expanded global Verifi and Visa issuer coverage
  • Does not count against your Visa dispute ratio*
  • Coverage on all major card brands
  • Improve overall customer experience

Acquirers may have their own risk assessment parameters, and may levy fees based on such parameters regardless of a seller meeting Visa’s dispute ratio target

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Dispute Representment

Verifi’s expert team handles all dispute management to maximize wins and recover revenue lost to disputes.

  • Dedicated team of dispute representment specialists
  • We do all the work for you
  • In-depth real-time reporting

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Sellers leverage direct delivery of fraud and dispute notifications post-authorization to reduce payment risk.

  • Improve fraud analytics
  • Enhance fraud detection and modeling
  • Use data to track trending fraud rate

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