Your Needs are UNIQUE


Your business is unique. Your payment challenges are unique. This is why we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions. Take advantage of our in-market expertise to understand your payment challenges, opportunities and goals. Together, we’ll create a custom and dynamic solution that is designed to protect your sales and minimize your exposure to risk and fraud.

Maximize Results


We do not work in isolation. The Verifi team works within the entire processing community - connecting and communicating with top card issuers, merchants, consumer and solution providers. This collaboration allows you to process your payments more efficiently, streamline your costs, enhance your chargeback and fraud strategies, and improve brand loyalty. Expertise, technology, collaboration, and a unified workflow mean you can maximize your results. Learn about our payment partners and how you can become part of this deep network of payment experts.

Simplify Your Life


You’re busy. Your team is working hard to deliver on their goals. You are an expert in your niche. You don’t have time for another project. But, how are you supposed to fight chargebacks and fraud without devoting key finance personnel to the manual review process? It’s simple: let Verifi do this for you.

Like you, we’re good at what we do. We’ll analyze your situation, determine the best ecommerce solution for your needs, and then we’ll increase your efficiency and reduce your operational costs. All this with minimal IT infrastructure updates and none of the headaches that traditionally come with technological change. You focus on your business and keep doing what you do well.

We Are Your Partner

Verifi Is Invested In Your Long Term Success

When you succeed - we succeed. We want you to reduce your chargeback costs, we want you to reduce your fraud threats, we want you to reduce your compliance costs, we want you to be using the best-in-class payment processing technology - we want you to be using and working with the best.

This is why we are committed to delivering dynamic solutions that meet the needs of the constantly changing commerce landscape. We started in 2005 when mobile ecommerce was just an idea, now we’re one of the industry leaders in providing end-to-end ecommerce solutions. There is no limit to how Verifi services and solutions can be used. If you have a challenge, our team of experts is here to help you.

Our clients trust us. Our success is thanks to our customers. See what our customers are saying on our case studies. Don’t get left behind - partner with us and become part of the success team. Work with us to combat fraud, prevent and resolve costly chargebacks, maximize your payment processing, increase billing, and customer retention.

Confidence and Trust with The Verifi Team

Give your clients the confidence that comes with working with Verifi. Trust us when we tell you that we want you to be the best in your industry. Learn how we can work together to give your customers the level of service they deserve and expect.

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