Transaction Disputes Rise as Supply Chain Disruptions Persist

As the pandemic winds on into its third year, waves of new virus variants continue to wreak havoc with supply chains. Firms responsible for taking goods through each step on the journey from manufacturing to customers’ doorsteps find themselves short-staffed as new restrictions take shape around the globe. Merchants are also feeling the ripple effects, […]

Verifi CEO: Rapid Dispute Resolution Makes for ‘Cleaner’ eCommerce Ecosystem

Within any commerce ecosystem — especially in eCommerce — chargebacks seem a way of life. For merchants especially, chargebacks are a drain on time and money. Better communication between merchants and issuers, Verifi CEO Matthew Katz told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster, resolves disputes early, prevents chargebacks and ultimately improves the customer experience. The conversation came against a backdrop in which, […]

Visa’s Verifi: Merchants Empowered by Global Expansion of Rapid Dispute Resolution

Chargebacks and disputes may be top of mind for merchants, with Black Friday and, more recently, Cyber Monday in the rearview mirror. To that end, Verifi, a Visa Solution, said in its RDR Expansion webinar in mid-November that its Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR) decision engines, which automate dispute resolutions, could help cement better customer satisfaction with issuers […]