Visa Leverages Network, Partners and Products to Help Businesses in the New Normal

Person ordering food with phone.
Digital shopping has become the new normal due to store closures, reduced in-store product availability, and restrictions placed on physical shopping. As a result, online shopping has increased by 35% from 2019 figures. Visa has identified six truths affecting sellers which help direct how Visa will prioritize products and services in the near term. Those six truths are:

  • Buyers are shifting to digital-first commerce regardless of product
  • Small businesses seek paths to quick recovery
  • Secure and immediate digital access to funds is a top priority
  • Contactless payment options are necessary for health and safety
  • Business decisions require the right data and insights
  • Transparency and protections are key to the buyer/seller relationship

Verifi provides the pre- and post-dispute solutions buyers and sellers need for business transparency and protection. Verifi can PREVENT and RESOLVE disputes before they escalate into chargebacks. Read Visa’s recent blog post for more insight and an explanation on this important partnership.