Insight ID Field Format Change

Previously, the “Insight ID” field was represented as a sequential integer. As of August 2023, Verifi is transitioning to a more robust and universally recognized format, UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) – a 36-character string. This transition will ensure greater security and less predictability of your data.

Example of prior format:

Example of new format:

While this change offers numerous benefits, we want to highlight how this will change how you ingest and handle the data.

There are two main areas of consideration:

  1. With the transition to UUIDs, the ability to link to historical data using the new “Insight ID” values will be affected. Insight IDs play a key role in linking historical records including Negation and Settled events. With the introduction of the new UUID format, this linkage will be affected. As a result, you may encounter challenges in accessing previously-linked data. If you require assistance or have any concerns regarding the historical data, please reach out to our dedicated support teams.

  2. If your systems are programmed to receive and process a specific data type for the “Insight ID”, you will need to make adjustments to accommodate the new 36-character string UUID format.

These changes are being implemented to align with best practices and industry standards, ensuring a more robust and future-proof data management system. We understand these updates may require some effort on your end and are committed to providing any assistance or guidance you may require during this transition.

Please reach out to your relationship manager or Verifi Client Support with any questions at