Be among the first to experience the benefits of Rapid Dispute Resolution. Verifi has leveraged over 13 years in dispute resolution with our industry-leading innovative solution Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network™ (CDRN®). Joining Visa’s vast global network of issuers and sellers, Verifi is uniquely positioned to revolutionize the payments industry with this automated pre-dispute solution – Rapid Dispute Resolution.

Sellers in Control

Rapid Dispute Resolution enables automated pre-dispute resolution through a robust decision engine, governed by seller-defined rules. These seller-defined rules determine which scenarios the seller chooses to accept or decline liability for when a seller’s customer raises a dispute inquiry with their issuer. Sellers can create up to 10 rule scenarios and have 7 attributes to choose from – like pre-dispute transaction amount or condition code. Additionally, dispute inquiries resolved at this stage do not count toward the seller’s sale:dispute ratio.

Seller Control

Global Network

Expanded Global Network

Visa is the largest card brand in the world, connecting over 61 million seller locations as well as thousands of issuers for an unmatched global reach. Each year, 3.3 billion Visa cardholders make over $188 billion in transactions throughout 200 countries. With seller and issuer participation in the solution, RDR is positioned to automatically resolve disputes on an expanded global network–saving issuers and sellers from the burden of chargebacks.

Enhanced Customer Service

RDR extends seller customer service to issuer call centers, and is the only dispute management service providing automated real-time dispute resolution at the point of customer inquiry. This issuer and seller collaboration ensures the seller’s customer receives a prompt resolution on transactions they inquire about–avoiding the chargeback.

Enhanced Customer Service

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Enrich Your Customer Experience With Minimal Lift

Verifi’s PREVENT and RESOLVE solutions are stronger together. PREVENT, powered by Order Insight extends seller customer service into issuer call centers by providing detailed transaction information to reduce customer confusion and deflect disputes. RESOLVE, featuring Rapid Dispute Resolution ensures a speedy and positive outcome for customers before disputes escalate. Combine both products today with the power of the Visa network for a uniquely comprehensive solution that customers will appreciate.

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