Sellers respond to inquiries by issuers and their cardholders to proactively prevent disputes


Order Insight®

(formerly VMPI)



Visa Cardholder Purchase Inquiry


Issuers obtain expedited resolutions through existing process (VROL)


Rapid Dispute Resolution (RDR)

Visa Disputes

Auto-Dispute Resolution


Non-Visa Disputes

Seller-initiated Resolution

Workflow-based Dispute Processing 

  • Multi-branded option for whichever transaction was processed 

Removes “Guesswork” 

  • VROL applies edits where necessary, avoiding rework 

Flexible Integration Options 

  • Connect via simplified User Interface or APIs (Real-Time System Interface) 

Full Intgegration to Verifi 

  • Take advantage of pre-dispute solutions offered by Verifi directly in VROL 

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