Reduce Risk and Prevent Future Disputes


Fraud Notifications

Dispute Notifications

Leverage direct delivery of fraud and dispute notifications post-authorization to reduce payment risk.

  • Improve link analysis and fraud analytics
  • Enhance and inform fraud detection & modeling
  • Use data to track trending fraud rate

How it Works

Direct delivery of fraud and dispute notifications provides sellers with valuable information to enhance business operations. 

  • Fraud Notice Confirmed fraud
  • Dispute Notice Visa fraud & non-fraud
  • Payment Cancellation Notice Cardholder stop payments
  • Exception File Listing Notice Lost/stolen Visa cards

Notification Types

Fraud Notice

Fraud Notice

  • Receive all Visa confirmed fraud notifications (TC40) from a single integration
  • Track fraud rates, improve link analysis, modeling, and fraud analytics
Dispute Notice

Dispute Notice

  • Receive all Visa fraud and non-fraud disputes from a single integration
  • Identify operational and service changes to improve customer experience

Benefits of Verifi’s INFORM Solution


Protect Your Payments

Sellers can leverage reported fraud and dispute data to prevent risk

  • Block reported cards
  • Prevent future fraud attempts
  • Enhance internal fraud analytics

Reduce Risk And Protect Against Future Disputes For Sellers

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